Mein lieber Freund Thomas Kamphuis, schrieb freundlicherweise einen Gastbeitrag für diesen Blog. Ich hoffe, du hast ebensoviel Freude beim Lesen, wie ich dies hatte.
Foto und Text copyright – Thomas Kamphuis
seinen Blog findest du hier: https://thomaskamphuis.com/


I was asked to write a blog about Iceland on basis of several visits undertaken in the past. Thinking about Iceland, my thoughts go back to August 2018, pre-corona times. Having visited Iceland since 1997, I was surprised about how touristic and crowded it had become in summer. The airport felt like Schiphol. It was enstrangening. On the photo we look at the so called Svartifoss basalt stone formated waterfall in the south of Iceland. In 1997 I remember having visite dit fort he first time, I was alone with my sister. The whole panoramadeck didn’t excist and we had to plough ourselves through the mud and climbing stones. Iceland was a experience still..

How different things had become twenty years later. It had almost become visiting The Louvre, hoards of people taking the same photo around you. Tourists, Chinese in particular who hire cars and get stuck on the roads because they totally aren’t costumized for using these kind of roads. Other tourists, rescued by a helicopter from the sea or beach, because they very much underestimate the danger of the deep dark sea around Iceland, Chinese taking photographs of homes, standing in the owner gardens like it is Giethoorn In Holland. Justin Bieber making a video movie on a barren field and every fan wanting to relive the experience, not because of Iceland, but because Justin Bieber was there.  

In 2018 I decided it was the last time I visited Iceland. Not that I had enough of it or had seen it all. But it didn’t feel like Iceland anymore. Too much commercialism, too much global village, too much of everything but desolation and quiet experiencing nature. But, now corona entered our world. Iceland is pretty safe at the moment and welcoming tourists again. Maybe it is a fine moment visiting Iceland, experiencing some of the old school Iceland. In short: I recommend you to avoid the southwest and south. Go tot he wild east wit hits Greenlandic like mountains, the desolate north with wales and seals. The Westfjords are an unbeaten track still. April or May is a good time, or late August or the beginning of September, noticing the first colours of Autumn and avoiding the musquitos. There is enough space still, if one avoids the Mona Lisa’s. 

über den Autor / about the author:
Thomas Kamphuis lives in the east of The Netherlands and had always a fascination for northern culture. Enfired by a walking holiday way back in 1988, in the heart of the land of the Saami, in Sweden, his fascination focussed on the Viking Age and the art to be seen on artefacts from the Viking Age. He developed an online museum, to be seen on http://www.travellingnorth.nl
and co-created exhibitions on the Viking Age in close contact with the museum Dorestad in Wijk bij Duurstede and the Historiehuis in Roermond in The Netherlands, adding several of his artefacts of his private collection in the lightspot for the audience. Apart from this, written in English, website, his latest initiative is his website thomaskamphuis.com
written in Dutch, giving way to his other love interests: nature, music, books, DVD series and his reviews on this, and at last, not at least, of course, the Vikings. Giving the Dutch a easily reading, low accessibility to getting to know more about these fascinating artefacts and culture. For http://www.myskaldkonur.com
he offered writing a blog about Iceland, on basis of his experiences, from several holidays undertaken to, since 1997. Always with a twist, always informing‘.


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